Asian mother and daughter caring for each other

Vision and Mission

ABOUT GowithU 

Our vision is to provide comprehensive and affordable care & assistance services that give elderly customers and their family happiness and a peace of mind.

We have launched the GowithU Hospital Companion Service to assist customers, especially elderly persons, with their outpatient hospital appointments. This non-medical service provides convenient door-to-door care & assistance, is comprehensive, and affordable. We operate a network of certified Companion Caregivers who understand the needs of the elderly.

A hospital appointment can be a challenge for the elderly 

Making a hospital appointment is easy, but sometimes the logistics can be a hassle. For some our customers the problem with hospital appointments is transportation. Because of their age they may find it difficult to go by themselves to the hospital using public transport or a taxi.   

But for many customers transportation is not the main problem. They require assistance once they have reached the hospital.  Unlike other services, we get our customers through the entire hospital appointment comfortably and peacefully. 

We provide a complete service throughout your appointment

At GowithU we tailor our service to our customers’ individual needs and provide a complete service throughout their appointments.  

We assist our customers during check-in and check-out and make sure they find the right office(s) within a busy hospital environment.

A hospital visit may also require longer walks between hospital departments which can be exhausting for the elderly. Some of our previous customers appreciated that a Companion Caregiver pushed them in a wheelchair and made it comfortable for them to navigate through the hospital.

If requested by a customer and permitted by their doctors, our Companion Caregiver can accompany our customer into the doctors consultation room to take notes, and help customers to remember what was said during their appointments. They can also put a designated family member on the phone to communicate directly with their doctor during their consultation. 

GowithU helps customers and their family

Many of our customers previously relied on family and friends for help with these logistics. But sometimes customers don’t have a local family member or friend to ask for help.

Other customers don’t want to bother their family because they do not want them to take unpaid leave from work just to accompany them. And some of our customers are attending appointments they would prefer to keep private. Those customers appreciate the confidential assistance of a trustworthy Companion Caregiver so they keep their true independence and privacy. 

Our government-certified Companion Caregivers understand how to care & assist the elderly 

Outstanding service requires outstanding staff. We provide quality service thanks to our network of qualified Companion Caregivers. All of our Companion Caregivers possess either a caregiver or social worker license from the Korean government, some hold additional relevant qualifications. What all of them unites is their dedication to assist people in need and their service-mindedness.  They are well trained to provide (non-medical) care and assistance especially to the elderly.